Other Specialty Services

windowcleaningWindow Cleaning – Sparkling windows are a critical part of creating the Wow! factor that gives your facility amazing first impressions with customers, potential customers and employees. Capital Contractors provides window cleaning services to building managers, facility management companies, retail stores, contractors, architects, property owners and tenants in a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, education and restaurant and hospitality. To clean effectively, extend the life of your windows and reduce your costs, a proper window cleaning and maintenance program must be customized to your specific window type, glass thickness, coatings and sun and environmental exposures using the right environmentally-friendly chemicals and techniques. Let Capital make you shine!

powerwashingInterior & Exterior Power Washing – Capital commercial power washing uses the finest anti-microbial detergents and emulsifiers that are approved by leading manufacturers of roofing, siding and interior and exterior construction materials and building surfaces to provide the cleanest, most attractive, safest and long-lasting appearances to the exterior and interior of your facility. Like sparkling windows, gleaming exterior and interior surfaces provide the kind of Wow! factor that creates amazing first impressions of your Company with customers, prospects and employees. In addition, our guaranteed 100% kill-rate on mold and mildew saves you money by eliminating the need for frequent repeat treatments and creating the kind of healthy environment that improves your employees’ health and reduces absenteeism.